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Aerial view of the Lincoln Wastewater treatment facility

The Lincoln Sanitary District is a quasi-municipal utility located in Lincoln, Maine. The District provides the community with wastewater treatment of domestic sewerage to the citizens of Lincoln, Maine.


The Lincoln wastewater treatment facility consists of a dual train, two stage, rotating biological contactor (RBC) process with primary and secondary settling, influent screening, aerated grit removal, chlorine gas disinfection and discharge to the Penobscot River.


Lincoln Sanitary District Highlights:


The Lincoln wastewater treatment facility is the first and only RBC plant in the state of Maine to re-circulate secondary solids.

All biosolids generated at the Lincoln Maine facility are composted on site using the modified windrow method.

The Lincoln Sanitary District received a 1st place award from the Environmental Protection Agency for Combines Stormwater Overflow Management in 2002.

The mission of the Lincoln Sanitary District is to provide the ratepayers within the district's collection system with practical standards of wastewater treatment at affordable costs.


   Our web site was designed to provide our Lincoln, Maine customers as well as other wastewater professionals with information about the services the Lincoln Sanitary District provides.