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Facility Plan

The District has engaged an engineering firm to evaluate and develop a facility plan. The recommended facility plan for the Lincoln Sanitary District has been broken into three different phases.

Phase 1 (short term needs): Chlorine Contact Tanks near the outfall to the Penobscot River
Of critical importance to the continued operation of the Lincoln treatment facility is the replacement of the existing rotating biological contactors. The existing 4 RBC’s are recommended to be replaced with mechanical driven RBC’s. Other items in Phase 1 include the following: replacement of the RBC building superstructure, truss repairs to the compost building, replacement of the existing pumps in the Creamery Court Pump Station, replacement of the existing gas chlorine disinfection facilities with a sodium hypochlorite system, upgrading the sludge pumping facilities, and replacement of some components in the solids dewatering system.

Phase II (short term needs):
Various pump station upgrades including the complete replacement of one station, a possible chemical phosphorous removal system, and some blower modifications.

Gravity ThickenersPhase III (long term needs):
This phase would include upgrade of the preliminary treatment facilities, which would include replacement of the existing grit removal system. Also included in this phase is replacement of mechanical equipment in the secondary clarifiers, upgrade of the sludge pumping facilities, upgrade of the gravity thickeners, and replacement of the belt filter presses. Collection system pump stations on Transalpine Avenue and Valentine Court would be completely replaced in this phase.